Ipswich Makerspace Coder Dojo

We will have Raspberry Pi’s setup and ready to go, these can be used for physical computing projects, i.e. making traffic lights with LED’s, or you code do some coding in Python or create games in Scratch.

We can provide some resources or worksheets for you to work through, or you can bring your own projects to work on. Coder Dojo’s do not have a set agenda, please bring your ideas along and let us know what you would like to work on.

The event is aimed at children aged 7 to 17 and each child should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


We will be providing Raspberry Pi setups for all to use, however if you wish to bring your own Raspberry Pi or SD card then feel free to do so.

Responsible adults do not need tickets but we have a few mentor tickets available.  If you feel you are able to help out please apply for a mentor ticket.  If you want to mentor and are not bringing a child, please make contact via email before booking a ticket, thank you.

What is a Coder Dojo

A Coder Dojo is a place where young people can learn coding and soft skills. There is no set agenda, so please have a think and bring your ideas to the Dojo.  We will facilitate learning, but self and peer learning/mentoring is encouraged.  We also like parent to get involved, helping out where they can.  This is our first Dojo, so we will be listening to what you want to learn about, however this session will be loosely based around the Raspberry Pi.  If you want to learn some specific language that is fine, just let us know.

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