Are you interested in gaining a basic understanding of the technology and some of the key terms involved in full stack development?

About this event

Would you like to know if a career in coding could be for you?

This two day course will expose individuals to the concept of full stack development, from creating a front end (the bit the user will see) including layout, styling and positioning of elements, through to some simple back end coding. By the end of day two you’ll present your project back to the group.

The course is designed to give individuals a flavour of what full stack development is, a brief overview of how systems connect and the chance to create something that will make you say “I did that!”.

Learning Outcomes of the Introduction To Full Stack Development Event

Key Terms and Process

You will gain a basic understand what “full stack” means. What the different “sides” of development are, and how they all integrate to create systems you will recognise.

Gain Exposure To Code

You will gain a basic conceptual grasp of HTML, CSS and Javascript, what each element does in system and have some time get hands on with it.

Create With A Project

We aren’t all about theory, with our hands on “project”, you get to put the concepts into practice. Creating something for you to say, “Hey, I did that” at the end.

You’ll Have Fun

We are a fun and lively bunch. Coding as a career and a hobby can be great fun. We strive to make the event a fun learning experience for everyone.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is a laptop, and charger. Lunch is provided for both days and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

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Fuel Studios Pottergate Norwich NR2 1DX
Organiser: Akcela

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