Innovation Martlesham, in association with Tech East, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

with Guest Speaker

Cindy Ryborz, Marketing Manager, Data Centres EMEA, Corning  Optical Communications

“Data Centre Evolution: what to expect and how to address the challenges ahead”

From when the great grandfather of modern data centres ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was built for the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory in 1946, to when the internet really took off in 2001 until today, technology inside the data centre has changed dramatically. It was built as a room where there were switches and buttons and operators moved around to turn on and off the switches to make certain calculations. Today, more than 70 years later we are in the same big room, with thousands of mini computers (servers) with controlled power and cooling to serve millions of users. The only difference is: everything is connected to networks and calculations are done miles away from these facilities without humans operating switches any longer. 5G and the denser networking of intelligent devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality are big drivers for moving to 400G as they consume more and more computing power, resulting in faster infrastructure speeds and higher connectivity requirements with frequent communication through “Edge Compute”.  Put into simple words – for every byte of data generated – 1,000 data bytes are needed in the data centre to process them and the network architecture of modern data centres is required to support it. This presentation will look into some of the challenges that lay ahead in data centre planning and provides insides on how to meet them.


Starting her career at Corning Optical Communications with the customer care group in 2008, Cindy joined the marketing team in June 2012, where she executed the Local Area Networks’ strategy across the EMEA region. She has worked closely with distribution channels and loyalty program members to support with marketing efforts and technical expertise before moving into the strategic Marketing Manager role for In-Building Networks in 2016. In 2018, Cindy took over the role of Marketing Manager for Data Centres



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