Innovation Martlesham, in association with Tech East, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

with Guest Speaker

Jim Marshall, Founder Marshall Wolfe, Director of People Consulting

Cracking the B2B Sales Code: winning more customers!!”

Jim has a particular interest in building and managing high performing teams. Jim demystifies the factors that make some sales team great (and most ‘ordinary’ at best). He does not pretend to have all the answers but gives an entertaining insight into:

  • How and why B2B Sales Strategies have had to change over the last 20 yrs
  • Why B2B Sales is more Design than ‘art’
  • The practical steps you can take to make Sales more effective

Those that will benefit most from attending are owners or managers of start-ups and scale ups whom are looking to establish or grow a Sales functions; or, divisional heads for PLCs looking to turbo-charge the effectiveness of their sales team.


** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be advised that a delegate list will be created for hand-out at the event, for networking purposes. If you would like your name, company and job function to be included for other attendees to see, please let Jim know. This data will not be stored by Innovation Martlesham after the event **



jim marshall med

Jim brings over 15 yrs in B2B selling (on the team, as a Sales Team Leader and as a Sales Director). Jim is the CEO of Marshall Wolfe, a Consultancy focusing on ‘Hiring by Design’. He is also Director of People Consulting at Rokker. At Rokker we help companies validate ideas, launch new products and services as well as grow and optimise existing function. (Unsurprisingly optimising ‘Sales’ is a frequent engagement). Jim is also a Board Advisor for Data Journeys, Random Colour Animal & DigiTech (the Digital Skills and Innovation Accelerator).

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Breakfast Networking Event
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