Mastering the perfect pitch: Learn how to sell your idea, product, business – or yourself at this free online event.

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Whether you’re interviewing for your dream job, selling ideas to investors or pitching to a client for new business, this workshop will help transform the way you present to get exactly what you want!


Led by business and sales expert Steve Favell, we’ll explore the 4 steps to impress your way to success, giving you the skills to stand out from the crowd, beat your competitors and make an impact.


10:00 Zoom Registration and Introductions

10:05 Workshop Introduction, Objectives and Outcomes

10:15 Dispelling the ‘luck’ myth

10:35 Understanding Fear

10:55 Preparation

11:15 The Use of Social Media

11:35 First impressions and Attitude

12:00 Summary, Q&A & Finish

About your Trainer – Steve Favell

Over a 27-year period, at the same time as being in high demand as an accomplished musician, Steve Favell developed what became one of the County’s most successful music retail companies. As deregulation came in, Steve went on to build and train the first national sales teams for two of the largest players in the utilities market.

As the world was waking up to the internet, Steve took on the task of transforming a commercial education provider to become a national success, developing some of the first online sales provision. Ever keen to develop his skills, he joined Huntingdonshire Regional College to grow its commercial income by more than £1.5 million in the first year whilst establishing himself as an expert in sales and marketing.

Today as a prevalent Business Consultant and Sales Trainer, Steve can boast an enviable client list. With a focus on a new world with more people remote working, and using the latest online technology, he is always keen to offer advice and guidance and to share knowledge.

Steve says “I’m extremely proud to be working in partnership with the New Anglia Growth Hub to provide much-needed support for businesses in my local area.”

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Organiser: New Anglia Growth Hub

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