Out of Hours with Peter Cochrane – Thermodynamics


Everything you wanted to ask about Thermodynamics

But were afraid to ask!

There are few things in human understanding that are derived from, proven, and supported by the most fundamental of considerations and observations spanning the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

“Across the entire spectrum of physics, Einstein liked General Relativity and Thermodynamics best because they are derived from the most fundamental of considerations and see wide applicability”

This is “rocket science” so students may arrive at University with an incomplete grasp of the principles and mathematical formulations. It is not easy for teachers either due to memory fade of complex ideas.

This tutorial on Thermodynamics aims to support the wider lecture and research programs spanning technology, engineering, and management theory and practice at The University of Suffolk.

‘Out of hours tutorials are configured for those students, staff, industry, high school teachers and students, (and others) struggling with the subject concepts and application at a fundamental level. It will include live demonstrations, experiments, animations and videos designed to reinforce the detail.

A primary objective is to get attendees to first base so they can pick up books and papers, or comb through web pages with confidence. Hopefully, this will also be a pre-cursor to practical application.

Mathematical formulations are approached from several different angles as an aid to rapid assimilation and a deeper understanding, and to demonstrate specific advantages in different fields of application.

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