Harnessing the Power of Subscription Technology


Thousands of professionals are discovering ways to transform the way they work and the way they earn a living. Leveraging the skills we each have, the talk uncovers how anyone can can build their own subscription business using the knowledge and talents they already have.

I’ll go deep into the steps needed, opportunities available, the how and why, and what has worked and not worked for others. This has already been a game changer for others who learnt this from my previous talks which then transformed their lives, their living, and their opportunities.

Given the key trends of subscription, technology and self-education, I’ll explore and explain how anyone can successfully launch their own apps from home to generate a passive income and lift the lid on exchanging time for money.


Juliana Meyer, founder and CEO of SupaPass, is an award-winning entrepreneur. She set up her first business at the age of 16 and graduated with an Engineering Science Degree from Oxford University. Juliana has worked in the Entertainment Industry for 20 years and the Tech Industry for 7 years. Juliana also co-founded SyncNorwich, Norwich’s tech & startup community with over 1,500 members and has been a mentor and judge for various startups and events. She has won several tech, music and entrepreneur awards and is a regular expert speaker at national and international conferences including keynote speeches.

SupaPass makes market-leading content apps affordable for the millions of potential businesses & influencers wanting to monetise their content direct-to-consumer. SupaPass is disrupting a multi-billion dollar market, by giving businesses the opportunity to finally control their content, data and monetisation, within technology they can brand as their own.

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