For over a year, we’ve been challenged in the way we live as societies, as we interact as human beings and in how we do business, live, work, travel and learn like never before. Our resilience has been put to the test while we were also preparing for the historical moment of the UK leaving the EU and now going through the reality of it.

Although we are still in the transition to a dreamt-of new normal and still facing tragedies, we’ve seen people adapt, be creative, willing to do and many opportunities of unprecedented potential have arisen as Tech proved itself as the cornerstone of shaping and underpinning our societies’ evolution and will continue to do so more than ever.

Tech is the cement of our adaptability in this changing world, but which will also need to address its own sustainability while being more and more at the heart of the Sovereignty debate.

As we rightly say, the UK left the EU, not Europe. We believe the UK and France have strong ties to nurture and build on going forward both at national and regional level to face global challenges.

In partnership with Tech East and New Anglia, DIT France Tech team and stakeholders will be giving you a detailed insight on what that new context entails, where we see the opportunities lie for any Tech company looking to do export business and why France should be on top of your radar.

10.00 – 10-30 : Intro words from Tech East, New Anglia and presentation of France opportunities by DIT France
10.30 – 11.00: Fireside chat and live Q&As: what can export success look like? With the JMB Partnership, Cinos Europe and British Embassy’s Prosperity Honorary Consul for the Hauts-de-France region, hosted by DIT France.
So, Tech companies of the East of England, come join us on the 18 May at 10am GMT to find out for yourself and learn how DIT and our partner network are here to support you locally and in market.

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