Our Futuristic Transport event will explore the challenges currently facing the transport sector and how our local supply chain could hold the answers if we connect the dots. Join us to explore our transport challenges and the impacts transport poses to our environment. Experts will present the various Technological and Manufacturing solutions which are leading our next generation, low carbon transport.
This half-day event will be chaired by Clive Dopson who will be guiding you through the inspiring talks throughout the day. Clive is a specialist in the automotive industry with a history of leading Lotus cars.
This event will showcase the various solutions next-generation transport can offer, as well as urging you to find solutions of your own during our Innovation Workshop.
Encompassing this event will be our Connected Marketplace, with low carbon businesses showcasing their technologies and innovations in an exhibition style.
Please note: 
Futuristic Transport will lead on to UEA’s Innovate UK Linspeed project closure event, with attendees having the option to attend either or both of these events.
If you have any low carbon research, business or technology and would like to be considered for our marketplace, please get in touch.
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