Find out more about two new funding pots centred on sustainable innovations, and how your business could collaborate and apply.

Join a network of regional innovators and high growth business to find out more about two new Innovate UK funding calls centred on Sustainable Innovation.

The two calls worth £65m are for projects under Innovate UK’s new Sustainable Innovation Fund, which is focused on enabling sustainable economic recovery from Covid 19.

There is a £10m pot for ‘build back better’ short feasibility projects worth up to £60,000. These projects should help businesses and/or the public sector to recover from the pandemic, and should include a clear plan for next steps development and commercialisation. There is a 5 August deadline for bids, and successful projects could get access to follow-on funding.

Also available is a £55m pot for £100K-£500K Research and Development projects which help businesses across all sectors recover, grow, and create new sustainable opportunities as we rebuild from the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a 29 July deadline for bids, but there are two further rounds of this fund later this year, so its well worth considering, even though competition will be fierce.

This event is part of Funding Fit, a new programme of events organised by the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor and New Anglia LEP to help businesses connect, collaborate and apply for grant funding.

During the one-hour session participants will get:

  • A jargon-free overview of the two funding calls
  • A ‘been there, done it’ view from a local business who has successfully applied to a similar funding call
  • An interactive session where businesses can put forward and share ideas about projects that fit the call and where there are opportunities for other businesses and organisations to come in as collaboration partners
  • Access to support post session to put together a bid

This will be an interactive session and we urge all attendees to consider the information above and come with ideas (big or small) and an open mind.

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