The FIRST The Things Network Suffolk Meetup!

We are pleased to announce our first The Things Network meetup for Suffolk!

By having this meetup we become a fully fledged community in the global TTN community 🙂

The Things Network is a global, open source, crowd funded IoT network using the LoRaWAN network technology. We have local sponsors lined up to purchase our first wave of network gateways which will provide the whole of Norwich with network service! We aim to already have a couple of gateways live in Ipswich – if you are interested in Sponsoring a gateway (which will bare your namesake) – get in touch 🙂

Anyone can build a LoRaWAN sensor to run on the network. These can be as cheap as £10! Our community has the skills to help you learn how to do this, and maybe you have skills to share too?

The first meetup is about getting together. Sharing the ideals of The Things Network and how to use it, and then capturing ideas for how people would like the group to evolve, project ideas and use cases to develop and generally looking to use this technology for leadership in making *good* things happen for everyone and for Ipswich as a Tech City.

Please attend to learn, no technical experience required. Dreamers, Creatives, Inventors are all welcome!

Starting at 18:00 we’ll finish by 21:00

Gateway and sensor device exhibits on display, projects from The Things Network Norfolk but most importantly Food & Drinks!! \o/

18:30 Introduction: what is The Things Network : Paul Foster

19:00 Plans for the Norwich network

19:30 Q&A and brain storm group and project ideas

Use case topic areas to get started with:

1. Social Care

2. Residential buildings

3. Commercial buildings

4. Environment

5. Transportation

21:00 Close (or earlier)

Digital East Anglia have kindly provided us with some budget for food & drink – Thank you DEA & dev://east!

Please share this meetup invitation broadly. Thank you.

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