Engage with… GreenSpur Wind – ferrite-based direct-drive permanent magnet generators for wind turbines

GreenSpur Wind manufacture have designed a new low-cost ferrite-based direct-drive permanent magnet generators (DD-PMG) for the wind turbine market. It is the only company in the world known to be developing a ferrite-based design capable of multi-Megawatt power generation.

Eliminating the price and supply risks associated with using rare earth magnets the design has been optimised through extensive R&D that identified a highly innovative magnetic arrangement, which delivers maximum output for the lowest material cost and weight.

Join this webinar to hear how GreenSpur Wind have has been progressed their PEMD development rapidly through research and design stages and how they plan to work with a dynamic UK supply chain to bring their highly disruptive technology to a multi-£bn global wind energy market.

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