Nuclear Energy on the Suffolk Coast – Past, Present & Future

Sizewell B and the Sizewell C project are offering Suffolk students the opportunity to learn more about the history of Nuclear energy on the Suffolk Coast, visit the UK’s only pressurised water reactor and find out how EDF generates 3% of the UK’s low carbon energy at Sizewell B, and why we need Sizewell C in the fight against climate change.  This unique experience will give students an insight into the nuclear industry which has a proud heritage on the Suffolk coast, the varied roles carried out in new build and operational sites which deliver rewarding careers right here in Suffolk.

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We have decided that we have so much to share and want to involve as many students as possible so we will be running events over 4 days; 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th July.

EDF are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity and we’re busy generating zero carbon electricity from wind, nuclear and solar to help cut UK carbon emissions to nothing.

From our engineers to our customer service advisors, our scientists to our apprentices, every single one of us is committed to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions to zero.

We are looking forward to showcasing the different roles within EDF and its supply chain.

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Sizewell B Visitor Centre and the Sizewell B Site (for the tour)
Organiser: EDF

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