Edtech Skills Focus – International Festival of Learning, East – Launch Evening – Tuesday, 13 November


​’P​owering Skills through Technology’


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The International Festival of Learning is more than just a one-off festival…it’s a movement of interconnected educators and businesses, aligned with the same mission.
Founded in 2016 with a successful pilot, the festival has grown in size and status – and now commands one of the top spots in the UK education calendar.
IFL East (International Festival of Learning) is a large education to business festival for education leaders, teachers, lecturers, support staff and business-people – hosted at West Suffolk College (one of the most successful colleges in the UK). This year in April, 1300 people were involved in IFL East, and we are expecting this number to rise to between 1500 and 1800 for the June 28, 2019 festival. A short video of the festival can be seen here or on the website.


The Education 2030 theme is underpinned by the Pearson Future of Skills 2030 Report and embraces a full examination of how uniquely human traits will be needed to interface with automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Department for Education’s challenge to the tech and science industry to bring about a step-change in education

​On August 7,  Education Minister Damian Hinds, issued a challenge to the tech industry to revolutionize education, and,  for industry to work more closely with the education sector to shape the skills required for a future workforce. There are 5 key challenge areas – with a 6th recently added (called Leadership in an Ai World). These are to improve teaching practices; assessment processes; lifelong learning; teacher training and managing workload.


The ‘Six Challenge Areas’ draw inspiration from an announcement in August 2018 by Education secretary Damian Hinds, who issued a challenge to the technology industry – to bring about a “step-change in education”.

OUR DELEGATES (‘Festival-goers!’)

1300 delegates attended the festival in April 2018, and we are expecting more like 1500 to 1800 in 2019. Pearson will be marketing the festival, as will our partners – so our delegates will be from all education sectors. The usual breakdown of roles is approximately one quarter headteachers and CEOs, a quarter middle and other senior leaders, and half – teachers, lecturers, consultants and support staff. In terms of the sectors, the representation is usually around one third primary, one third secondary and one third – further, higher, Sixth Form and university.


Largely thanks to a unique network of very high-profile education leaders (for example – Geoff Barton, Mark Dawe, Dame Alison Peacock, John West-Burnham and many more) the festival has grown in status and now commands one of the top-spots in the UK education calendar. These partners lead education organisations with thousands of members – and large networks that span the UK and globally, and our reach runs well into the tens of thousands, through our various partners and their influence at the highest levels.​

We have many other partners ranging from schools, colleges, universities, trusts, startups​, individual consultants​ and global companies​.​ At its wider core is a movement of interconnected education leaders – headteachers, C​​EOs of Academy Trusts and businesses, all aligned with the same mission.

Examples of our partners include

  • Pearson – will be one of two headline sponsors, confirmed shortly after their involvement in April 2018
  • AELP (Association of Employment and Learning Providers – Government lobby – representing 900 businesses running apprenticeships)
  • tes (Times Educational Supplement – largest reach education paper in the world)
  • ​ASCL (​Association of School and College Leaders)
  • Various other large networks of Academy Trusts, Colleges and schools nationally
  • CEOn (CEO network for Academy Trusts in the East)
  • Various University input – including University of Suffolk, University of Cambridge, King’s College, University of East Anglia
  • Hosts, West Suffolk College (Bury St Edmunds, 10,000 students, and one of the most successful colleges in the UK)
  • More than 50 school and college partners are involved in the development of the festival – from curation of content to execution

Please take some time to look at the website – www.ifleast.org, and you’d like to engage further, please do get in touch and come along to our launch and information evening on 13 November: https://goo.gl/forms/Zlri9SavfelzIpV32

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