Ecosystem Update 2018

Happy New Year and Thank You for an Amazing 2017!
With Flagship Housing
You’ve helped establish the first digital accelerator in the East of England, with our first cohorts in situ, and now many of you are in the position where you are meeting them for the first time to discuss how you can help them to grow.

We will be hearing from Flagship on what they do and why they are getting involved with TechVelocity, and Tech East’s Tim Robinson will be bringing everyone up to speed on how TE are supporting the accelerator.

The night will include a Q&A on tech that can benefit communities or have an impact on society in a positive way with a panel including
Neil Garner (Thyngs, Proxama)
Tim Robinson (Tech East)
Jack Weaver (Flagship)

Members of the cohort will be available to meet and mingle with.

Contact us to find out more

Parking is available at WhiteSpace (send us your registration numbers), Rose Lane Car Park, or for those otherwise abled, Flagship have two spaces available onsite

Flagship provide homes for people in need and we want to solve the housing crisis in the East of England. We maintain our own housing stock and support the communities they’re part of. We do this through our housing arm of the business Flagship Homes, our repairs and maintenance specialists RFT Services, and our gas and boiler specialists Gasway. We are looking to support digital innovation, bringing it into the housing sector and seeking to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Kind regards,
Team TechVelocity Norwich


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