In 2018 Digital Leaders Week welcomed over 100 organisations who ran events during the week.

This Webinar will help you understand how to get involved and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your work, networks and services to our 86,000 members and be part of 20,000 Digital Leaders taking part in June 2019.

Digital Leaders Week is a national celebration of opportunities, challenges and support for the digital transformation of Britain’s businesses, public services and society. Our 2019 partners will showcase projects and organise face to face and online events the length and breadth of the UK.

So please join us to find out how.

Our Digital Leaders Week team will take you through the process of getting involved. They will talk about:

  • Lessons learned from 2018;
  • the opportunities and themes in 2019;
  • Different types of events you can run;
  • How to load them up and launch them and;
  • The support the Digital Leaders team can give you to help organise and hold an event during Digital Leaders Week.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

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239 Old St

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