Derivco Ipswich Open Evening

Do you dare to create world-class software?

Join us for our very first Open Evening on Tuesday 27th February 6pm-8pm

We are opening our offices to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Software Development, anyone with a passion for Tech and anyone interested in forming a relationship with one of the top development houses in the world.

How do I sign up?

1) Register your attendance.

2) Update your CV and print out a few copies!

3) Bring yourself and your CV to Derivco Ipswich, at The Crown House, Crown Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP13HS at 6pm on Tuesday 27th February.

The plan of action is:

At 6pm – Doors open!

6.15pm – A warm welcome from our General Manager, Matt David

6.20pm – Meet Nicola Rogers, our head recruiter who will discuss our current opportunities as well as what your CV needs to get shortlisted to an interview!

6.30pm – The University of Suffolk will be shedding some light on the Degree Apprenticeship we offer through them, including the requirements, expectations and the application process.

6.40pm – John Bushell will then talk you through what is required of you to create world-class software and how you can progress to work at the highest possible level within your programming career.

6.50pm – Our culture is based around our people, our diversity and our thirst for life. Emma Sweeney will chat to you about why Derivco is where you want to work and how your work-life balance will be more than healthy if you join our Ipswich family.

7pm- Grab a slice of pizza and get chatting to us! Our friendly people will be dotted around the office, join us for:

-A competitive game of Pool or Fifa, or even try wearing a VR Headset!

-CV Support

-A chance to win our competition!

-Advice on how to make your next move, and how to secure your role at Derivco Ipswich!

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