Tommy Flowers Institute Conference: The Future of Transport

5-6 March 2019, Adastral Park

The next Tommy Flowers Institute conference, in partnership with Suffolk County Council and BT, will explore the Future of Transport.

Carol Fletcher, head of the Academic and Research Partnerships, said, “at this conference, we will have key industry, government and academic speakers discussing the problems we face now and in the future.  We will be able to showcase demos of state of the art technologies and debate a vision of the future.  By working with Suffolk County Council, we have a fantastic opportunity to address real problems at the conference and involve students, industry and academia”.

Speakers have been confirmed and include David Lynch from First Group (Using Big Data); David Frost from Suffolk County Council (The EV revolution); Zeelo (building a personalised shared mobility service); BT’s Ian Hawkins (lessons learnt from a communications network and applying to a road network) and Peter Lee from BSI (accelerating the Future of mobility through open data standards).

Attendees will have the opportunity of getting stuck into real challenges for the region by way of breakout groups – including a focus on how technology could help improve the movement of goods and freight along the A14 corridor and links to the A11 tech corridor too.

The aim will be to set some targets for post conference sub teams to address and to continue to work together.

So if you have an interest in the future of transport and want to be part of the challenges that affect all of us, The Tommy Flowers Institute would welcome you to attend this free conference.

We are looking at “What does Transport mean to you?”

Our way of life relies on us being able to get around flexibly and independently, whenever we need to. We all want shops full of fresh goods and an internet that delivers to the door step. But can we afford that in the future, and are there more sustainable ways to run our lives comfortably?

How can we use Artificial Intelligence to better plan and manage our transport networks? What does the way we manage a communications network tell us about how we could manage a transport network? How will the Internet of Things, connected vehicles and smart cities affect the way we move about?

At the next Tommy Flowers Institute Conference “The Future of Transport”, we’ll be exploring the problems facing Suffolk County Council, a local authority in the UK. These same problems face many more local authorities in the UK and beyond, and we’ll explore how an inter-disciplinary technology approach can give transport a smart, swift and sustainable future.

Transport these days is not just getting into a car or an airplane for a trip, or loading a container on a lorry.

IoT interconnects everything with everything and enables ways of transport never imagined before.
Blockchains enable new ways of authentication and new technologies from autonomous driving via drones and modern Zepplins.

We will have key industry, government and academic speakers discussing the problems we face now and in the future, state of the art technologies, and a vision of the future. And we will give our audience the opportunity to dive into solution mode with a real world problem and the chance to question and network our experts.

Please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date as we announce more details about the conference.

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Hothouse Facility, Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath

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