o2h group, the creators of innovative SciTech communities, has launched the Cambridge Wide Open Day, offering a unique insight into the city best known as the ‘UK Centre of Science & Technology’. The inaugural event will take place on Wednesday 14th June 2023, welcoming science enthusiasts and local residents alike from across the Cambridge community – giving everyone the opportunity to explore the city’s world-class science and technology facilities all in one day.

After setting up a new Department of Science, Innovation and Technology in February 2023, the UK government published its ‘International Technology Strategy’ last week. This new strategy sets out its approach to making the UK a science and technology superpower by 2030 and draws on industry, finance, academia and civil society to drive innovation, provide thought leadership and tackle global challenges.

Cambridge has long championed collaboration and is already recognised internationally as one of the leading science and technology clusters in the world – a reputation built on world-leading innovation, fast-growing science and tech companies, academia and innovation centres, all underpinned by investment, people and skills.

Cambridge Wide Open Day seeks to further progress this world-leading position. With the support of local government, together with renowned personalities and organisations associated with Cambridge tech, this first of its kind event will host a fully interactive day showcasing the exciting companies, inventions and facilities located in Cambridge.

Prashant Shah, co-founder, o2h group, is the mastermind behind this new event. He says: “Cambridge is alive and bursting with ideas, funding, IP, emerging companies and new facilities. This interactive Day encourages that inclusive collaboration which is so vital for the region’s continued expansion and growth. From facilitating introductions and boosting investment to finding bigger premises and inspiring the next generation workforce, this Open Day gives everyone the chance to visit and experience the world-renowned Cambridge cluster up-close and first-hand.”

Many leading organisations across the Cambridge ecosystem will be taking part including Cambridge Science Park, Illumina, AstraZeneca, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Milner Therapeutics Institute, UKSPA, Judge Business School and Start Codon. Cambridge Wide Open Day is also being supported by other local organisations such as The Combined Authority and local councils, Cambridge& and Form the Future.

Paul Hughes, COO at one participating company, BIOS Health said: “Cambridge buildings are the home to some of the world’s most exciting technology business and business people – some fledgling, some mature. People rarely get the opportunity to see what goes on behind the closed doors of these bioscience, cleantech, gaming, deep-tech, hardware and software pioneers. The Cambridge Wide Open Day initiative fixes that – you are no longer looking through the keyhole, you are unlocking the door.”

Kristin-Anne Rutter, Executive Director, Cambridge University Health Partners, explains why her organisation has been keen to be involved: “The most phenomenal work tackling some of our toughest health challenges is going on right here in Cambridge behind closed doors. It’s great to be given the opportunity to share what is happening, from combating ageing to curing disease.”

Cambridge Wide Open Day is Open 11.00am – 3.00pm on WednesDay 14th June 2023.  Bus and VIP tours are available from Cambridge station at 11.00 am.  At the end of the Day, all visitors are invited to a garden party reception at the o2h co-work labs at Hauxton House, Mill SciTech Park, 4.00pm – 9.00pm.

For more details about the event and to sign up as an organisation to open your doors, join the Open Day or tour, or attend the garden reception party go to https://cambridgewideopenday.com/

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Organiser: o2h group

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