Explore the city’s world-class science and technology facilities all in one day…

In a first of its kind event, Cambridge Wide Open Day offered a unique insight into the city’s world-renowned science and technology. The Season 2 of this event will be held on 12th June 2024 welcoming visitors from across the Cambridge community – from scientists, techies, people working across different sectors to residents – to explore the innovations in Cambridge. Companies will open their doors from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, and bus and VIP tours are available. To top off the day, all participants are invited to a garden party reception at the o2h co-work labs at Hauxton House, Mill SciTech Park from 4.00 pm. Click the links below to sign up as an organisation to open your doors, join the open day or tour, or attend the garden reception party.

Cambridge Wide Open Day is an interactive day that encourages inclusive collaboration which is vital for the region’s further expansion and growth. This unique opportunity enables engagement across the broader community – from facilitating introductions to boost investment to finding bigger premises, to inspiring the next generation workforce. The open day is a unique opportunity for local residents to see what goes on behind the closed doors of pioneering companies in life sciences, technology, and green innovation. Cambridge Wide Open Day also welcomes visitors from outside Cambridge, around the country, and across the world that are curious to see what’s going on ‘inside’ Cambridge. There are also those outside Cambridge, around the country, and across the world that are more than curious to see what’s going on ‘inside’ Cambridge, and perhaps in time we could offer and embed a hosted ‘VIP’ tour as part of the Cambridge ‘wide’ Open Day.

Organiser: Cambridge Wide Open Day

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