Brunching with Prosper BI

George Davis attended Sync the City 2016 (54 Hour startup event) at 18 years old.  He now has his own well funded startup Senlab.

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He is launching Prosper BI, their first product and is having a special promotional event next Tuesday in Norwich.

Brunching with Prosper BI 31 July 1030@ The Ideas Factory, Norwich

This event is practically giving away their Startup version of Prosper BI.  Its a good chance to have a look at their product, and pick it up for a £1 for a year.  Particularly handy for small companies that want to bring some accuracy to forecasting and data.

Also, It’s a great opportunity to meet the team, eat some yummy brunch treats and see how Prosper Systems can help you and your business grow!”

“Prosper BI – Your intelligent business planning engine”.  As well as, their newly featured £1 a year “Start-Up package” – created to aid young businesses with their financial forecasting and go from start-up to world domination using their intelligent data analysis.

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