Are you interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion in AI? We will enable you to discover, network and collaborate with other like minded individuals.

Artificial intelligence is expected to have a tremendous impact on all of our working lives. Computers will be able to simulate intelligent behaviour and this may not only affect the work we do, but they may also be able to help reduce unconscious bias within organisations. In the age of advancements to technology, AI solutions are currently being implemented that have the potential to mitigate biases and, as a result, enable more diverse and inclusive workplaces within companies and organisations.

We will examine the nature of diversity and inclusion, explore biases as an inhibitor to more diverse and inclusive workplaces, and provide insights into the role that AI can play in mitigating biases.

We invite you to join us for an evening dedicated to discussing diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence and hear from leading experts in the field and have the opportunity to learn more about advancements in AI.

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17:30 – Arrival and drinks reception

18:00 – Keynotes talks

19:00 – Networking and Food

20:30 – Close of event

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28 Chesterton Road

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