Of course, we all want our products to be perfect, but quality is not a given. Quality needs to be worked at, just like every other part of the development process. What’s more, quality is not black and white. It can have a different meaning for different people and at different times during development. During this session we will look at 5 key questions when it comes to quality

✔ What? – What is quality? How can we define it?

✔ Why? – Why does quality matter?

✔ Who? – Who is responsible for quality?

✔ When? – When should start caring about quality?

✔ How? – How do we implement quality?

This session aims to give you the tool kit required to start thinking about quality, what it means to you as a business and how you can ensure quality is at the forefront of decision making. We will look at the impact of building a ‘quality culture’ and how this can increase confidence in your products, speed up your route to market and allow you to release with less risk.

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About How QA:

How QA is a Software testing and Quality assurance consultancy based in Norfolk. How QA provides guidance and support to software start ups and small business helping them to ensure quality is at the forefront of software development and build confidence in their product.

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