5G is coming. Are you ready?

The next generation of mobile connectivity – 5G – is coming soon.  Roll out will commence from 2020; that’s a year and a half away.  Is your business ready?  Sign up to find out more at the 5G national innovation network.

Industries as diverse as agriculture, aerospace, health, manufacturing and media will be impacted by 5G technologies.  And it is as likely to bring productivity gains to small companies as well as large ones.

5G promises to bring huge benefits due to its ability to handle data. Completely different to 3G and 4G, 5G will bring a revolution in speed, bandwidth and connectivity and will offer enhanced security to open the door for new types of connected products and services.

So how can you and your organisation take advantage?

The first thing to do is to sign up to the 5G national innovation network.  KTN is working with this independent, impartial network of businesses and researchers who are at the forefront of this new technology.  It is the place to go to:

  • understand how 5G could improve your business
  • get access to market insight, reports
  • get details of relevant R&D funding calls
  • receive information on 5G events and meet-ups

The site is also a focal point for international engagement into the UK’s 5G eco-system and is encouraging international participation and investment.

Take five minutes, click on the button below and register at UK5G.  Get ahead of the curve.

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5G sector-specific webinar events

If you work in the logistics and transport or manufacturing sectors, KTN is running two webinar events to discuss the potential for 5G in your industries.  Both sessions want your input to help shape 5G for those sectors.

They’re on 10 August 2018 and need you to get involved.  Find out more here:

Logistics and transport


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