Have you been spending most of Sunday worrying about Monday?

Perhaps waking up on Monday and going to work feels like it’s getting in the way of your life?

Maybe on Monday morning you set out with all the best intentions but by 10:00 so much has NOT gone to plan you feel like Friday can’t get here soon enough?

If you answered yes to any OR ALL of these then you need to join me for a long lunch on either Monday 22nd or Monday 29th October from 11:30 to 14:30.

This workshop is aimed at anybody who answers no to this question. Do you feel motivated by Mondays? (Monday being many peoples first working day of the week. If your working week starts on a different day then same question, just replace Monday with that day)

Come along and leave motivated. Leave knowing a lot more about what motivates. Knowing even more about how to motivate yourself (and others). Most importantly leave with something, your own report on what motivates you and why.

By registering for this event you will automatically get a Motivational Map report. You will be sent an assessment and asked to take the assessment in advance of the workshop. You will then be given your report at the start of the workshop you attend. You will then be provided with information on what it all means, how to use what you’ve learnt and invited to share your report with the other attendees.


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