Employee #1 — Community Manager

Pickr – Great People. Great Brands.

This role is all about building the best experience for workers anywhere in the world.

We’re much more than a replacement for a traditional agencies. Forward-thinking individuals are using Pickr as a platform to take control of their schedules, skills and prospects whilst earning more.

We’re a fast-moving, technology company so progress is all in a day’s work for us and we’re already looking to start hiring for the future.

First hires are a huge deal for any startup, because every new person can have a potentially huge impact on the way the company runs & the level of success — so Employee #1 is a great opportunity and responsibility.

We’re looking for people who feel a connection with our mission and identify with our culture. We don’t really do job titles internally (but you can formulate one to help explain your role externally) and you won’t have a job description to hand — you’ll have something much more valuable.

You’ll be part of a team that has personal aspirations, motivated by doing the best they can for the person next to them and you’ll also have the opportunity to make your mark on the company and help us disrupt the industry.

As an early stage startup, things are very flexible so you’re going to need hustle or more specifically the will and determination to do what needs to be done to achieve our key results whilst always thinking about how we can do things better in the future.

We are working towards some core initial objectives:

  • Reach 10,000 active Pickrs (workers).
  • Enable £100k a month of Pickr earnings.
  • Make an engaging platform environment for our Pickrs to grow.
  • Create an innovative and exciting environment for our people to work in.
  • Make Pickr a household name to enable the platform to have a transformative impact on Brands and Pickrs.

About you and the role

As a well-funded & profitable startup we’re looking for extremely talented individuals to help build & manage the community side of our staffing-as-a-service platform.

Our worker-partners are important customers, and this role is all about building the best experience for them anywhere in the world.

This includes:

  • Sourcing skilled, hard working individuals to keep the talent levels high
  • Onboard them fully onto the platform so they get the most out of Pickr
  • Helping them earn with Pickr for the first time
  • Nurturing short & long-term engagement to keep the the community active prior to and following working opportunities

Success will be determined by high levels of traction as a result of high signups, retention, engagement and referral metrics.

You can expect to be part of a talented, motivated, intense and interesting startup team.

You’ll need to be comfortable in a fast-paced, “all hands on deck” environment excited about building potential into a world-class team & business unit.

Experience of developing online or offline communities; user acquisition, social media marketing & a strong technical appreciation are all important skills but we are looking for the best people to join and continually raise the quality of our team so not essential.

Joining Pickr at this exciting, early stage time gives you the opportunity to grow with the business and leave your mark on millions of people.

We offer:

  • A competitive pay rate
  • Control over your own hours
  • Remote working if desired
  • Stock options

Further details are below — for more information visit https://pickr.works and use live chat or email hello@pickr.works

You are…

  • Self-driven. You have superior organisational and problem solving skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks.
  • You don’t get overwhelmed easily… thousands of Pickr signups each month? No prob!
  • Naturally curious. You’re innovative, creative and constantly looking for ways to improve your work.
  • Obsessive about candidate experience. You are self aware, well-spoken on the phone, and eloquent in emails or on social media and you’re respectful.
  • You’re a charismatic people person who can talk to anyone; you’re flexible, willing to roll up your sleeves, and are excited about getting others excited
  • A utility player. You’re willing to help out wherever needed and are always keeping an eye out for ways to lend a hand on new projects and initiatives.

You’ll need…

  • Technical savvy — you’re comfortable learning new tools and processes
  • An appreciation of social media marketing and community engagement
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • High volume sourcing, or user acquisition coordination experience in a fast-paced organisation
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

You’ll be…

  • Managing a high volume pipeline
  • Working with new users to review capabilities and identify strong service providers for immediate opportunities
  • Scheduling phone screens and work closely with individuals throughout the process, managing expectations and building outstanding relationships along the way
  • Knowledgeable about our business and will be able speak to what makes Pickr a great place to find opportunities
  • Managing the existing pipeline of individuals and identify what future opportunities they may be a fit for
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