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Is your business looking to achieve high performance in complex and uncertain times? Defying Gravity will give you the tools to unlock new opportunities for growth to help achieve your full potential.

We will reveal what 500 mid-market business leaders told us about their growth and investment plans, international expansion strategies and innovation priorities.

We’ll then build on their invaluable experiences to explore how these unsung powerhouses of the UK economy can continue to defy gravity.

Mid-market challenges: A mid-market facing downward pressures

Economic uncertainty will disproportionately affect the mid-market

Our research reveals defiant ambition in the UK’s mid-market. However far from being bullish, mid-market business leaders are concerned about factors pulling them down including lack of government support, an unstable economy and the impact of Brexit.

Businesses remain confident in their own ability

While the market is far from blindly optimistic, leaders remain confident in their own ability to succeed against the odds. Indeed it could be argued that mid-market leaders have no choice: growth is not a luxury.


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Time for a finance revolution

Is finance fit for purpose for MSBs?

Financing mid-market growth should concern everyone. As the dynamic powerhouse of the UK economy and an ambitious force for job creation, mid-market leaders deserve finance and Government incentives that are tailor-made for MSBs.

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Brexit challenges and international opportunities

Brexit is presenting a real and tangible challenge to mid-market businesses but there are opportunities. MSBs are increasing investment in exports beyond the EU and re-organising their supply chains.

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Investing in innovation

With uncertain times ahead, what are MSBs doing to stay ahead of their competitors? What lessons would they share with other mid-market businesses to tackle any future downturns?

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