BirdSong Analytics Featured as a Top 10 YouTube Optimisation & Marketing Tool

BirdSong Analytics has been listed as a top 10 YouTube optimisation and marketing tool.

The BirdSong Youtube Analytics reports is featured in ‘The 100 Best Resources and Tools for Aspiring YouTubers‘, an insightful guide produced by the DailyTekk YouTube channel founder, Chris Connelly. Founded in 2012, DailyTekk is a popular destination for consumer-focused startup, app, gadget, and Internet product content and material.

Their YouTube Analytics has been ranked alongside the likes of Google Trends and the From You to YouTuber resource states: “these services can help you plan your content and make sure it ends up in front of more eyeballs.”

The pay as you go YouTube Analytics allow you to explore valuable data on any public YouTube channel. Access over 30 key metrics including video optimisation tips, content analysis, engagement analysis, data exports, and more.

Learn more about BirdSong YouTube Analytics here.

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